Is Famine Coming?

Even the most committed urban dweller knows that plants grow from seeds, and if seeds aren’t planted in the ground no plants will grow. Most probably are aware or intuitively know that for farmers there is a “planting season,” followed by a “growing season,” and followed finally by the “time to harvest.” Without a planting […]

The Good Father and Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

There was a good Father who had many children. The good Father loved all of his children very much. Unfortunately the good Father’s oldest, a very large boy, had a very bad temper and would often fly into an unprovoked rage. The oldest son would often attack his younger siblings but never received much of […]

At the Latter-day Saint General Conference, Why so Hesitant on the War in Ukraine?

First, to be honest and straight forward, to be blunt and to the point, I am dumbfounded and greatly saddened that in the just completed General Conference there seemed to be so much hesitancy to discuss the situation in, or even use the word, Ukraine. In ten hours of talk and prayers, I heard the […]