The Beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic

How did we get to where we are with Covid-19? Like many people throughout the world my professional and family life has been thrown into chaos and uncertainty by Covid-19, the virus that has rapidly infected peoples all over the globe in the last 3-4 months. I don’t believe that anyone has a clear understanding […]

What do the Covid-19 death figures really mean?

Been wondering for a while whether the death statistics for Covid-19 where people who died of Covid-19 or with Covid-19. I think the distinction is extremely important, especially in light of the fact those who have died are primarily elderly and/or those with serious medical conditions. This article helps to answer the question, although like […]


“Since, however, prayers are not the smallest [but on the contrary a very great] part of sacrifices, especially give completion to them, and through these the whole operation of them is corroborated and effected; and since, besides this, they afford a common utility to religion, and produce an indissoluble and sacred communion with the Gods, […]

“Sanctity in Sacred Operations”

Section IV, Chapter XXIII “The various mode…..of sanctity in sacred operations partly purifies and partly perfects some one of the things that are in us or about us. and some things, indeed, it restores to symmetry and order; but others it liberates from mortal-formed error. But it renders all things familiar and friendly to all […]