The Path to God

For each of us, the path that leads back to Our Heavenly Father is uniquely our own. Our Heavenly Father is aware of our unique individual circumstances, our strengths and weakness, the tools at our disposal and those things that we lack.

By way of analogy, imagine if tomorrow every person now living was inspired to travel to 439 East Gray Street in Des Moines, Iowa, as soon as possible. Each and every person throughout the world would have a unique path toward that singular goal. Just as no two people can be simultaneously in the exact same place at the exact same time, no two people can possibly follow the exact same route toward the exact same goal at the exact same time.

To complete the trip some people would be able to reach the destination quite quickly and without too much difficulty. For near neighbors the trip would be a few minutes walk. For those in neighboring States perhaps a few hours drive upon well maintained and marked roads would easily lead to the destination.

For others, a trip to Des Moines would be a lifelong quest, perhaps even a multi-generational quest. For a member of an indigenous tribe deep in the Amazon jungle, not only would the means of reaching the intended destination be almost certainly unavailable, but the whole process of making such a trip would likely be so foreign as to be incomprehensible. If 9 billion plus people were to attempt such a trip, certainly their paths would converge as they moved nearer the intended destination, but what is similar is not identical.

Our Heavenly Father wants each of us to return to Him. He is aware our place in this world and of the difficulties each of us face. He has patience and vision beyond our own to make our return to Him possible. And would Our Heavenly Father be displeased if some of his children moved farther away to help others along the path towards Him?

We are each unique, and so is our path to God.